Cool single pipes with antifreeze band

A range of pre-insulated, highly flexible pipes with a single coolant pipe used mainly for conveyancing cold water, iced water (air-conditioning) and wastewater or other fluids in underground systems.

The coolant pipe is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), PE100, and has NF 114 Cope Up certification, proving that it can withstand pressures of up to 16 bar. It also boasts Sanitary Conformity Certification. A self-regulating 10W/m heated antifreeze band runs along the pipe and prevents standing water from freezing.

The thermal insulation is made up of several layers of cross-linked microcellular polyethylene foam, with a sealed honeycomb construction that is fully waterproof. This insulation stands out for its durability, stable long-term insulation, and permanent elasticity that maximised and maintains the thickness of the layers of insulation, even after several bends.

The external HDPE sheathing with its undulated double wall protects the system of pre-insulated pipes from knocks and water damage, all while maintaining maximal flexibility.

  • Flexible coils
  • PEX foam insulation
  • Heated antifreeze band


  • Coolant pipes: HDPE (PE100)/SDR11/PN16
  • Operational temperature range: -10°C to +25°C
  • PER insulating foam: Water absorption under 1% as per ISO 2896


Length of coils, for all diameters: 100 m


    • Designed in line with European Standard EN 15623-3
    • Made with no CFC


Cool single pipes with antifreeze band

Ø (mm) ductReferenceHDPE coolant pipe external Ø/thickness/Ø
Bending radius (m)* Water content (l/m)**Maximum negative temperature (°C)***

*The smallest stated bending radius can be used constantly without risk of damage to the pipe of affecting the system’s performance.

**The water content is expressed in litre per metre of pre-insulated pipe.

***The maximum negative temperature authorised around the buried external piping without freezing the water carried in the antigel band’s coolant pipe.