Tube équipé ELIOT

RFID identification with ELIOT RFID markers

ELIOT markers incorporate a passive NFC compatible RFID tag  (Radio Frequency Identification) that complies with international standard ISO 15693. Enclosed in a rigid sealed and resilient polymer casing, RFID marker is highly resistant to compression and blows.

RFID marker is attached to the top of the pipe by adhesive or securing straps, on the first backfill level. It can be fitted to all types of pipes (cast iron pipes, PE pipes, steel pipes, concrete pipes, PVC pipes) or other underground utilities. ELIOT RFID marker ensures:

  • eficiency regardless  of soil type, magnetic and electric environment
  • simplicity to use
  • possible marker encoding with Eliot application using NFC technology of PDA
  • centimeter accuracy

The service life of a RFID marker is over 60 years.

  • Dimensions of RFID ELIOT marker: 285*95*35 mm
  • Maximum depth : 1.5 m
  • Weight : 250 gr
  • Attached by: adhesive or securing straps
  • Sealing: IP68
  • Standard: ISO 15693
  • Packaging: per box of 10 RFID ELIOT markers